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Harry is very sensitive. He wants to talk but doesn’t want to make ­conversation. You have to do all the talking. He just wants a bit of company. He’s always worried about his mum. They’re all quite tight but Harry’s a little bit of a loner. He has a hell of a way about him. He’s a very charming individual. Everyone who meets him notices that. All the guys are lovely individually but Harry does have a certain something about him that separates him. ­No-one ever has a bad word to say about him. He gets a lot of attention from girls. Harry is a charmer… a smooth ­operator.  –Andy about Harry in the Sunday Mirror

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Now that the tour is over, and we’re all on a break, everyone has got loads of time for the documentary… right?

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-Tim and Nat :)




this is going to be mind blowing

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